Additional file 1 of Within-family plasticity of nervous system architecture in Syllidae (Annelida, Errantia)

Additional file 1 Figure S1. Schematic phylogenetic tree of Syllidae, species for which data were obtained, anterior and segmental innervation in each subfamily. Asterisks indicate a character observed in at least one, but not all of the species in a subfamily. Fine innervation patterns only observed in some of the species are omitted. Details on the distribution of somata of the nervous system and of the nuchal organ can only be given for Exogoninae and Syllinae, as histological data is missing in the other subfamilies. Information about Nereididae combined from [10, 11, 25, 37, 72, 79]. Other families of the Phyllodocida were omitted for better readability. Abbreviations: mn – main nerve, mvn – median ventral nerve, pmn – paramedian nerve, I - IV – segmental neurite bundles.