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Additional file 1 of The Cost-Effective Preparation of Green Fluorescent Carbon Dots for Bioimaging and Enhanced Intracellular Drug Delivery

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posted on 05.03.2020 by Yuqing Sun, Shaohui Zheng, Long Liu, Ying Kong, Aiwei Zhang, Kai Xu, Cuiping Han
Additional file 1: Figure S1. XPS spectrum of DOX-CDs: (A) C1s spectrum, (B) O1s spectrum; Figure S2. Stability test of DOX-CDs at (A) Different time, (B) different pH, (C) Fluorescence anti-photobleaching test; Figure S3. Bright and fluorescent photos of DOX-CDs in various medium including DI water, PBS, FBS, DMEM and CM1-1; Figure S4. The zeta potential of CDs, DOX and DOX-CDs; Figure S5. Drug loading ability of CDs: (A) Drug encapsulation efficiency at various concentrations of DOX, (B) Drug loading efficiency at various concentrations of DOX


National Natural Science Foundation of China