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Additional file 1 of Impact of clinical phenotypes on management and outcomes in European atrial fibrillation patients: a report from the ESC-EHRA EURObservational Research Programme in AF (EORP-AF) General Long-Term Registry

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posted on 20.10.2021, 03:24 authored by Marco Proietti, Marco Vitolo, Stephanie L. Harrison, Deirdre A. Lane, Laurent Fauchier, Francisco Marin, Michael Nabauer, Tatjana S. Potpara, Gheorghe-Andrei Dan, Giuseppe Boriani, Gregory Y. H. Lip
Additional file 1 : Table S1. Use of Antithrombotic drugs according to Patient Clusters in patients with High Thromboembolic Risk. STROBE Checklist. Appendix. EURObservational Research Programme Atrial Fibrillation (EORP-AF) Long-Term General Registry Committees and Investigators.


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