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Additional file 3 of The Danish-American Research Exchange (DARE): a cross-sectional study of a binational research education program

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posted on 2023-04-13, 10:38 authored by Kala M. Mehta, Karin Lottrup Petersen, Steve Goodman, Henrik Toft Sørensen, Martin Bøgsted, Jeppe Dørup Olesen, Sylvia Burks, Richard E. Shaw, Jens Dahlgaard Hove, Jakob Ousager, Carlos Milla, Vibeke Andersen, Niels Ejskjær, Vibeke Brix-Christensen, Shomit Ghose, Andreas Kjær, Peter V. Chin-Hong
Additional file 3: Supplemental Table 1. Qualitative data from DARE medical student alumni collected at two focus group meetings. Appendix 1. References for publications of DARE Fellows and Alumni, 2015-2020, Cohorts 1-5.


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