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Additional file 1: of Novel disease syndromes unveiled by integrative multiscale network analysis of diseases sharing molecular effectors and comorbidities

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posted on 2018-12-31, 05:00 authored by Haiquan Li, Jungwei Fan, Francesca Vitali, Joanne Berghout, Dillon Aberasturi, Jianrong Li, Liam Wilson, Wesley Chiu, Minsu Pumarejo, Jiali Han, Colleen Kenost, Pradeep Koripella, Nima Pouladi, Dean Billheimer, Edward Bedrick, Yves Lussier
File S1. Comorbid disease pairs (OR > 1.5) sharing molecular mechanisms. In the table we show all the disease pairs resulting comorbid (OR > 1.5 and FDRcomorbidity < 0.05) and with significant convergent mechanisms (FDReRNA < 0.05). Disease1 and disease2 columns represent the disease pair. The related FDRs obtained from the clinical and the molecular datasets are reported in FDRcomorbidity and FDReRNA columns, respectively. We reported also the resulting ORs and FDRs for both the HCUP datasets separated, i.e. NIS13 and NEDS13. For each single dataset there are two OR since they correspond to the beta related to the diseases and we derived two directional FDRs (see Methods). (XLSX 103 kb)