Additional file 8: Figure S8. of Draft genome sequence of Dethiosulfovibrio salsuginis DSM 21565T an anaerobic, slightly halophilic bacterium isolated from a Colombian saline spring

Partial sequence alignment of the Hsp60 protein. The sequence alignment is showing the absence of 1 aa (red) in a conserved region that is mainly specific for atypical diderm taxa (Negativicutes, ‘Fusobacteria’, Synergistetes and ‘Elusimicrobia’) from all of the phyla of traditional Gram-negative bacteria that contain this insert. Only representative sequences from different bacterial phyla are shown here. Accession numbers of the non-redundant protein database are: Escherichia coli WP_077064857.1, Nostoc commune BAF95909.1, Helicobacter pylori WP_020981906.1, Lentisphaera araneosa WP_007279303.1, Rickettsia prowazekii WP_004596265.1, Pseudomonas aeruginosa WP_050442419.1, Ralstonia solanacearum WP_013213354.1, Bacillus subtilis WP_087960787.1, Aminomonas paucivorans WP_006301345.1, Dethiosulfovibrio salsuginis WP_085544335.1. (DOCX 26 kb)