Additional file 6: of Refining a steroidogenic model: an analysis of RNA-seq datasets from insect prothoracic glands

Table S6. Tabulation of 98 unique differentially spliced loci based on the TransDecoder and Cufflinks output. Data from Additional file 5: Table S5 was manually annotated to filter out duplicate entries based on locus and protein sequence. In cases where a gene model was included between the test ID coordinates (Column C), this is indicated using the nomenclature of KAIKObase ( ) or it is left empty. Each test was annotated with its corresponding data from the Bowtie2 output [28] (columns R to Y) and the results of the Blastp analysis against the Bombyx mori protein reference sequences (NCBI annotation release 102) (columns Z and AA). (XLSX 131 kb)