Additional file 1: of Transcriptomic metaanalyses of autistic brains reveals shared gene expression and biological pathway abnormalities with cancer

Table S1. Datasets included in our study. Table S2. Age, gender and pmi distributions between cases and control samples at each step of the preprocessing procedure at the asd defferentail gene expression meta-analysis. Table S3. Final samples included in the asd meta-analysis. Table S4. Jointly same direction derregulated genes in asd ans sddcs and jointly oposite direction derregulated genes in asd and oddcs. Table S5. Genes jointly deregulated in asd and in sddcs and oddcs. Figure S1. Comaprison of differential gene expression analysis using limma with rlog transformed data and two state of the art rnaseq differential expression metdos. Figure S2. Patient overlap in the three asd studies. Figure S3. Metaqc and mean intersample correlation results. Figure S4. Partition around medoids (pam) clustering of the differential gene expression profiles of asd and the 22 included cancer types. Figure S5. Top upregulated and downregulated pathways in cancer (halmmarks molecular signature). Figure S6. Top upregulated and downretualted pathways in cancer (c2 canonical pathways molecular signature). Figure S7. Intersection analysis of the two control diseases (ulcerative colitis and malaria). Figure S8. Percentaje of pathways deregulated in the same or opposite directions between asd and cancer (DOCX 3835 kb)