Additional file 1: of Molecular tumor analysis and liquid biopsy: a feasibility investigation analyzing circulating tumor DNA in patients with central nervous system lymphomas

Supplemental digital content: 1. Genes covered in the TUM01 NGS tumor panel: list of all genes covered by the panel. 2. Primer and Probes for TaqMan-Assays: sequence of primers used for TaqMan-Assays. 3. Digitial droplet PCR: detailed description of PCR as performed for this study, illustrated by Additional file 2: Figure S1 and Additional file 3: Figure S2. 4. Specific Mutation Pattern of Tumors: list of all detected mutations in the tumors of this study population with detailed explanation on position, kind of mutation, amino acid change and nucleotide change. 5. BioAnalyzer – cfDNA: description of fragment size distribution, illustrated by Additional file 4: Figure S3. (DOCX 60 kb)