Additional file 1: of Exploring transcriptomic diversity in muscle revealed that cellular signaling pathways mainly differentiate five Western porcine breeds

1,859 genes were identified to be differentially expressed between five breeds according to statistical analysis. 1,703 were differentially expressed with a linear mixed model (FDR < 0.1 %, column Pval. Breed.effect. BHcorrection) and 1,655 are declared differentially expressed between breeds with a pairwise analysis (FDR < 0.1 %; FDR < 5 % only for LWM compared to LWF, columns E to Y). This additional file corresponds to the analysis not restricted to autosomes. DU: Duroc; LWF: Large White dam line; LWM: Large White sire line; LR: Landrace; PI: Piétrain. (XLSX 515 kb)