Additional file 1: of Evolution and functional characterization of pectate lyase PEL12, a member of a highly expanded Clonostachys rosea polysaccharide lyase 1 family

Table S1. PL1 genes in to date available Sordariomycetes genomes together with plant pathogenic Leotiomycetes Botrytis cinerea and Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. For the presentation reasons the orthologues from Sordariomycetes, B. cinerea and S. sclerotiorum are assigned to one of the 17 C. rosea PL1 genes based on the highest E-value. Genome references: [24, 35, 36, 75–101]. Table S2. PCR and qPCR primers used in this study. PE annotate primer efficiency. attB and attBr site sequences are shown in lowercase. (XLSX 19 kb)