Additional file 1: of Draft genomic sequence of a chromate- and sulfate-reducing Alishewanella strain with the ability to bioremediate Cr and Cd contamination

Figure S1. Phylogenetic relationships of Alishewanella sp. WH16-1 based on gyrB sequences. The analysis was performed by MEGA 6.0 [45] with NJ algorithm and 1,000 bootstrap repetitions were computed to estimate the reliability of the tree. The gyrB gene of strain WH16-1 is the gene sequence coding for AAY72_13600. Figure S2. The putative sulfate transport and reduction pathway in Alishewanella sp. WH16-1. APS stands for adenylylsulphate, PAPS stands for phosphoadenylylsulphate. The locus tag numbers of the predicted proteins (CysP, CysU, CysW, CysA, CysN, CysD, CysC, CysH CysJ and CysI) are AAY72_14890, AAY72_14885, AAY72_14880, AAY72_14875, AAY72_03865, AAY72_03870, AAY72_07290, AAY72_07265, AAY72_07255 and AAY72_07260, respectively. (DOCX 355 kb)