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Additional file 1: of Automated image-analysis method for the quantification of fiber morphometry and fiber type population in human skeletal muscle

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posted on 27.05.2019 by Perla Reyes-Fernandez, Baptiste Periou, Xavier Decrouy, Fréderic Relaix, François Authier
Figure S1. Validation of our macro performance against manual analysis. Pearson’s correlation coefficient (r) and p values are shown for the comparison of our macro vs. manual analysis for the calculation (A) total number of fibers, (B) number of type I and II myofibers, and (C) mean minor diameter of deltoid muscle samples. Mean values of each parameter obtained per sample are plotted. Values with 95% confidence intervals are shown. Table S1. Assessment of the effect of gender on deltoid muscle morphometry using our macro in Fiji-ImageJ. Table S2. Muscle morphometry parameters of patients with histologically healthy muscle. Table S3. Myofibers’ morphology and two-way ANCOVA results. Table S4. Comparison of mean myofibers’ morphology across BMI groups. (DOCX 162 kb)