Additional file 1: of Automated image-analysis method for the quantification of fiber morphometry and fiber type population in human skeletal muscle

Figure S1. Validation of our macro performance against manual analysis. Pearson’s correlation coefficient (r) and p values are shown for the comparison of our macro vs. manual analysis for the calculation (A) total number of fibers, (B) number of type I and II myofibers, and (C) mean minor diameter of deltoid muscle samples. Mean values of each parameter obtained per sample are plotted. Values with 95% confidence intervals are shown. Table S1. Assessment of the effect of gender on deltoid muscle morphometry using our macro in Fiji-ImageJ. Table S2. Muscle morphometry parameters of patients with histologically healthy muscle. Table S3. Myofibers’ morphology and two-way ANCOVA results. Table S4. Comparison of mean myofibers’ morphology across BMI groups. (DOCX 162 kb)