Additional file 1: of A Lotus japonicus E3 ligase interacts with the Nod Factor Receptor 5 and positively regulates nodulation

Table S1. Primers used for cloning into expression vectors. Table S2. Primers used in qRT-PCR. Table S3. Primers used for cloning into GoldenGate and Gateway vectors. Figure S1. Phylogenetic tree of amino acid sequences of LjPUB13 with previously characterized E3s of other species and L. japonicus uncharacterized PUBs. Figure S2. Amino acid sequence alignment of LjPUB13 with AtPUB13. Figure S3. Expression levels of LjPUB13 in pub13 LORE1 mutants. Figure S4. Formation of nodules in pub13.1 vs. har1 mutants. Figure S5. Inoculated 28-day-old wild type and homozygous pub13.3 mutants. Figure S6. Nodule sections of wild type, pub13.1 and pub13.2 plants. Figure S7. ROS accumulation in roots of pub13 mutants vs wt plants. Figure S8. Expression of defence genes in L. japonicus wild type and pub13 mutants. Figure S9. LjFLS2 ubiquitination tests. (DOCX 39900 kb)