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Translating lessons to reinforce national stillbirth response; multi-stakeholder perspectives regarding priorities and opportunities to deliver quality evidence-based interventions within a limited-resource context in Uganda

Posted on 2024-06-11 - 04:02
Abstract Background There is noted increase in attention towards implementation of evidence-based interventions in response to the stillbirth burden in low- and middle-income countries including Uganda. Recent results reporting some of the strategies adopted have tended to focus much attention towards their overall effect on the stillbirth burden. More is needed regarding stakeholder reflections on priorities and opportunities for delivering quality services within a limited resource setting like Uganda. This paper bridges this knowledge gap. Methods Data collection occurred between March and June 2019 at the national level. Qualitative interviews were analysed using a thematic analysis technique. Results Identified priorities included; a focus on supportive functions such as the referral system, attention to the demand side component of maternal health services, and improvements in the support supervision particularly focusing on empowering subnational level actors. The need to strengthen the learning for better implementation of strategies which are compatible with context was also reported. A comprehensive and favourable policy environment with the potential to direct implementation of strategies, harnessing the private sector contribution as well as the role of national level champions and patient advocates to amplify national stillbirth reduction efforts for continued visibility and impact were recommended. Conclusion Great potential exists within the current strategies to address the national stillbirth burden. However, priorities such as improving the supportive functions of MCH service delivery and attention to the demand side need to be pursued more for better service delivery with opportunities including a favourable policy environment primed to better serve the current strategies. This calls for dedicated efforts targeted at addressing gaps within the existing priorities and opportunities for better delivery of national strategies to address the stillbirth burden in Uganda.


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