SOAT1 methylation is associated with coronary heart disease

Published on 2019-11-05T05:09:22Z (GMT) by
Abstract Background This study was designed to investigate whether differential DNA methylationin of cholesterol absorption candidate genes can function as a biomarker for patients with coronary heart disease (CHD). Methods DNA methylation levels of the candidate genes FLOT1, FLOT2 and SOAT1 were measured in peripheral blood leukocytes (PBLs) from 99 patients diagnosed with CHD and 89 control subjects without CHD. A total of 110 CPG sites around promoter regions of them were examined. Results Compared with groups without CHD, patients with CHD had lower methylation levels of SOAT1 (P<0.001). When each candidate genes were divided into different target segments, patients with CHD also had lower methylation levels of SOAT1 than patients without (P = 0.005). After adjustment of other confounders, methylation levels of SOAT1 were still associated with CHD (P = 0.001, OR = 0.290, 95% CI: 0.150–0.561). Conclusions SOAT1 methylation may be associated with development of CHD. Patients with lower methylation levels in SOAT1 may have increased risks for CHD. Further studies on the specific mechanisms of this relationship are necessary.

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Abuzhalihan, Jialin; Wang, Yong-Tao; Ma, Yi-Tong; Fu, Zhen-Yan; Yang, Yi-Ning; Ma, Xiang; et al. (2019): SOAT1 methylation is associated with coronary heart disease. figshare. Collection.