Redirecting differentiation of mammary progenitor cells by 3D bioprinted sweat gland microenvironment

Published on 2019-09-23T03:12:11Z (GMT) by
Abstract Background Mammary progenitor cells (MPCs) maintain their reproductive potency through life, and their specific microenvironments exert a deterministic control over these cells. MPCs provides one kind of ideal tools for studying engineered microenvironmental influence because of its accessibility and continually undergoes postnatal developmental changes. The aim of our study is to explore the critical role of the engineered sweat gland (SG) microenvironment in reprogramming MPCs into functional SG cells. Methods We have utilized a three-dimensional (3D) SG microenvironment composed of gelatin-alginate hydrogels and components from mouse SG extracellular matrix (SG-ECM) proteins to reroute the differentiation of MPCs to study the functions of this microenvironment. MPCs were encapsulated into the artificial SG microenvironment and were printed into a 3D cell-laden construct. The expression of specific markers at the protein and gene levels was detected after cultured 14 days. Results Compared with the control group, immunofluorescence and gene expression assay demonstrated that MPCs encapsulated in the bioprinted 3D-SG microenvironment could significantly express the functional marker of mouse SG, sodium/potassium channel protein ATP1a1, and tend to express the specific marker of luminal epithelial cells, keratin-8. When the Shh pathway is inhibited, the expression of SG-associated proteins in MPCs under the same induction environment is significantly reduced. Conclusions Our evidence proved the ability of differentiated mouse MPCs to regenerate SG cells by engineered SG microenvironment in vitro and Shh pathway was found to be correlated with the changes in the differentiation. These results provide insights into regeneration of damaged SG by MPCs and the role of the engineered microenvironment in reprogramming cell fate.

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Wang, Rui; Wang, Yihui; Yao, Bin; Hu, Tian; Li, Zhao; Liu, Yufan; et al. (2019): Redirecting differentiation of mammary progenitor cells by 3D bioprinted sweat gland microenvironment. figshare. Collection.