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Procalcitonin and lung ultrasound algorithm to diagnose severe pneumonia in critical paediatric patients (PROLUSP study). A randomised clinical trial

Posted on 2020-10-09 - 03:41
Abstract Background Lung ultrasound (LUS) in combination with a biomarker has not yet been studied. We propose a clinical trial where the primary aims are: 1. To assess whether an algorithm with LUS and procalcitonin (PCT) may be useful for diagnosing bacterial pneumonia; 2. To analyse the sensitivity and specificity of LUS vs chest X-ray (CXR). Methods/design A 3-year clinical trial. Inclusion criteria: children younger than 18 years old with suspected pneumonia in a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. Patients will be randomised into two groups: Experimental Group: LUS will be performed as first lung image. Control Group: CXR will be performed as first pulmonary image. Patients will be classified according to the image and the PCT: a) PCT < 1 ng/mL and LUS/CXR are not suggestive of bacterial pneumonia (BN), no antibiotic will be prescribed; b) LUS/CXR are suggestive of BN, regardless of the PCT, antibiotic therapy is recommended; c) LUS/CXR is not suggestive of BN and PCT > 1 ng/mL, antibiotic therapy is recommended. Conclusion This algorithm will help us to diagnose bacterial pneumonia and to prescribe the correct antibiotic treatment. A reduction of antibiotics per patient, of the treatment length, and of the exposure to ionizing radiation and in costs is expected. Trial registration NCT04217980 .


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