Functional dysbiosis within dental plaque microbiota in cleft lip and palate patients

Posted on 25.03.2019 - 05:00
Abstract Background Dental caries is a polymicrobial disease and prevalent among cleft lip and palate (CLP) patients, although their oral hygiene is well maintained. Dysbiosis, the state of imbalance within the dental plaque microbiota, may cause caries prevalence among these patients. However, little is known about how dysbiosis occurs and affects cariogenicity. To find dysbiotic signs, here we conducted a metatranscriptomic analysis for the plaque microbiota in six CLP patients and four controls. Methods Total bacterial RNA was extracted from each sample and sequenced. Bacterial composition and functional profiles were estimated from 16S rRNA and mRNA reads, respectively. The mRNA reads were further used for estimating bacterial composition. Species listed in both rRNA-based and mRNA-based bacterial composition were identified as viable taxa with in situ function (VTiF), and the VTiF with a high mRNA-to-rRNA ratio were considered to be transcriptionally active. A network was constructed for each group by connecting two VTiF if their mRNA abundances were positively correlated. Results The bacterial composition and functional profiles themselves did not provide remarkable signs of dysbiosis in the CLP group. However, the group-specific active taxa were identified, including streptococcal and Prevotella species in the CLP group. Moreover, the network structure was different between groups; Actinomyces johnsonii and several species in the CLP group were the active taxa, which were connected based on positive correlations with statistical significance. Conclusions Functional dysbiosis within the plaque microbiota was observed such as difference of the network structure between groups, and may be associated with cariogenicity. The observed functional dysbiosis was an invisible change within the microbiota in the oral cavity of CLP patients. This may emphasize the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene of the patients with cleft anomalies.


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Funahashi, Kenta; Shiba, Takahiko; Watanabe, Takayasu; Muramoto, Keiko; Takeuchi, Yasuo; Ogawa, Takuya; et al. (2019): Functional dysbiosis within dental plaque microbiota in cleft lip and palate patients. figshare. Collection.


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Kenta Funahashi
Takahiko Shiba
Takayasu Watanabe
Keiko Muramoto
Yasuo Takeuchi
Takuya Ogawa
Yuichi Izumi
Tsutomu Sekizaki
Ichiro Nakagawa
Keiji Moriyama
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