Epidemiology and genetic diversity of circulating dengue viruses in Medellin, Colombia: a fever surveillance study

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Abstract Background Dengue fever is a major public health problem in Colombia. A fever surveillance study was conducted for evaluation of the clinical, epidemiological, and molecular patterns of dengue, prior to Chikungunya and Zika epidemics. Methods In November 2011–February 2014, a passive facility-based surveillance was implemented in Santa Cruz Hospital, Medellin, and enrolled eligible febrile patients between 1 and 65 years-of-age. Acute and convalescent blood samples were collected 10–21 days apart and tested for dengue using IgM/IgG ELISA. RNA was extracted for serotyping using RT-PCR on acute samples and genotyping was performed by sequencing. Results Among 537 febrile patients enrolled during the study period, 29% (n = 155) were identified to be dengue-positive. Only 7% of dengue cases were hospitalized, but dengue-positive patients were 2.6 times more likely to be hospitalized, compared to non-dengue cases, based on a logistic regression. From those tested with RT-PCR (n = 173), 17 were dengue-confirmed based on PCR and/or virus isolation showing mostly DENV-3 (n = 9) and DENV-4 (n = 7) with 1 DENV-1. Genotyping results showed that: DENV-1 isolate belongs to the genotype V or American/African genotype; DENV-3 isolates belong to genotype III; and DENV-4 isolates belong to the II genotype and specifically to the IIb sub-genotype or linage. Conclusions Our surveillance documented considerable dengue burden in Santa Cruz comuna during non-epidemic years, and genetic diversity of circulating DENV isolates, captured prior to Chikungunya epidemic in 2014 and Zika epidemic in 2015. Our study findings underscore the need for continued surveillance and monitoring of dengue and other arboviruses and serve as epidemiological and molecular evidence base for future studies to assess changes in DENV transmission in Medellin, given emerging and re-emerging arboviral diseases in the region.

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Lim, Jacqueline Kyungah; Carabali, Mabel; Camacho, Erwin; Velez, Diana Carolina; Trujillo, Andrea; Egurrola, Jorge; et al. (2020): Epidemiology and genetic diversity of circulating dengue viruses in Medellin, Colombia: a fever surveillance study. figshare. Collection. https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.c.5048584.v1