Early detection of the major male cancer types in blood-based liquid biopsies using a DNA methylation panel

Published on 2019-12-03T04:42:11Z (GMT) by
Abstract Background Lung (LC), prostate (PCa) and colorectal (CRC) cancers are the most incident in males worldwide. Despite recent advances, optimal population-based cancer screening methods remain an unmet need. Due to its early onset, cancer specificity and accessibility in body fluids, aberrant DNA promoter methylation might be a valuable minimally invasive tool for early cancer detection. Herein, we aimed to develop a minimally invasive methylation-based test for simultaneous early detection of LC, PCa and CRC in males, using liquid biopsies. Results Circulating cell-free DNA was extracted from 102 LC, 121 PCa and 100 CRC patients and 136 asymptomatic donors’ plasma samples. Sodium-bisulfite modification and whole-genome amplification was performed. Promoter methylation levels of APCme, FOXA1me, GSTP1me, HOXD3me, RARβ2me, RASSF1Ame, SEPT9me and SOX17me were assessed by multiplex quantitative methylation-specific PCR. SEPT9me and SOX17me were the only biomarkers shared by all three cancer types, although they detected CRC with limited sensitivity. A “PanCancer” panel (FOXA1me, RARβ2me and RASSF1Ame) detected LC and PCa with 64% sensitivity and 70% specificity, complemented with “CancerType” panel (GSTP1me and SOX17me) which discriminated between LC and PCa with 93% specificity, but with modest sensitivity. Moreover, a HOXD3me and RASSF1Ame panel discriminated small cell lung carcinoma from non-small cell lung carcinoma with 75% sensitivity, 88% specificity, 6.5 LR+ and 0.28 LR–. An APCme and RASSF1Ame panel independently predicted disease-specific mortality in LC patients. Conclusions We concluded that a DNA methylation-based test in liquid biopsies might enable minimally invasive screening of LC and PCa, improving patient compliance and reducing healthcare costs. Moreover, it might assist in LC subtyping and prognostication.

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Constâncio, Vera; Nunes, Sandra; Moreira-Barbosa, Catarina; Freitas, Rui; Oliveira, Jorge; Pousa, Inês; et al. (2019): Early detection of the major male cancer types in blood-based liquid biopsies using a DNA methylation panel. figshare. Collection. https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.c.4766903.v1