ECD-UY: Detailed household electricity consumption dataset of Uruguay

Posted on 14.01.2022 - 11:09
This repository provides the ECD-UY data set files, that contains electricity consumption records of residential households in Uruguay.
The data set is conformed by three subsets covering total household consumption, electric water heater consumption and by-appliance electricity consumption, with sample intervals from one to fifteen minutes.

The files in the data set are prefixed according to the subset to which they belong. The prefixes are defined below:
  • THC: Total Household Consumption subset
  • EWH: Electric Water Heater consumption subset
  • DEC: Disaggregated Energy Consumption by appliance subset
Large files are compressed and a reduced uncompressed sample is presented with the prefix "REDUCED".


Chavat, Juan Pablo; Nesmachnow, Sergio; Graneri, Jorge; Alvez, Gustavo (2022): ECD-UY: Detailed household electricity consumption dataset of Uruguay. figshare. Collection.
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