Downregulation of lncRNA DANCR promotes osteogenic differentiation of periodontal ligament stem cells

Published on 2020-01-14T05:14:37Z (GMT) by
Abstract Background Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) have been widely known to have an appreciable effect in physiology and pathology. In tooth regeneration, periodontal ligament stem cells (PDLSCs) are regarded as a key effector, whereas, how lncRNA acts in the osteogenic differentiation of PDLSCs have not been completely understood. This study aims to find out the relationship between lncRNA DANCR and the proliferation and osteogenic differentiation of PDLSCs. Methods Microarray was used to observe the different expression of lncRNAs in differentiated and undifferentiated PDLSCs. And then osteogenic-related lncRNA, DANCR was screened out. Its effects on proliferation and osteogenic differentiation was explored by constructing an overexpression and inhibition model. qRT-PCR was used to detect the mRNA expression of osteogenesis related genes. MTT assay was performed to assess the effects of DANCR on cell growth curve. To quantify the effects of DANCR on osteogenic differentiation of PDLSCs, ALP staining and alizarin red was performed in basic culture medium and osteogenic medium. Data were statistically processed. Results Compared with the undifferentiated PDLSCs, the alizarin red staining level was higher in differentiated PDLSCs. And the expressions of osteogenic differentiation marker genes Runt-related transcription factor 2 (Runx2), osteocalcin (OCN) and bone morphogenetic protein (BMP-2) were significantly increased in the differentiated PDLSCs. Furthermore, we noticed that comparing with control groups, the expression of lncRNA DANCR decreases markedly in osteogenically induced PDLSCs. DANCR promoted proliferation of PDLSCs, as evidenced by cell viability. Further investigation has proven that the downregulation of DANCR shows in the calcium sediment forming, alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activation and some osteogenic-related gene markers’ upregulation including Runx2, OCN and BMP-2, which finally results in the osteogenic differentiation of PDLSCs following the transfection and induction. Conversely, DANCR upregulation was shown to repress the osteogenic differentiation potential of PDLSCs. Conclusions The osteogenic differentiation of PDLSCs has proven to related to the down regulation of lncRNA DANCR. And this paper throws light on the effects of DANCR in the process of PDLSCs’ osteogenic differentiation.

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