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Cell type determination for cardiac differentiation occurs soon after seeding of human-induced pluripotent stem cells

Posted on 2022-04-06 - 03:26
Abstract Background Cardiac differentiation of human-induced pluripotent stem (hiPS) cells consistently produces a mixed population of cardiomyocytes and non-cardiac cell types, even when using well-characterized protocols. We sought to determine whether different cell types might result from intrinsic differences in hiPS cells prior to the onset of differentiation. Results By associating individual differentiated cells that share a common hiPS cell precursor, we tested whether expression variability is predetermined from the hiPS cell state. In a single experiment, cells that shared a progenitor were more transcriptionally similar to each other than to other cells in the differentiated population. However, when the same hiPS cells were differentiated in parallel, we did not observe high transcriptional similarity across differentiations. Additionally, we found that substantial cell death occurs during differentiation in a manner that suggested all cells were equally likely to survive or die, suggesting that there is no intrinsic selection bias for cells descended from particular hiPS cell progenitors. We thus wondered how cells grow spatially during differentiation, so we labeled cells by expression of marker genes and found that cells expressing the same marker tended to occur in patches. Our results suggest that cell type determination across multiple cell types, once initiated, is maintained in a cell-autonomous manner for multiple divisions. Conclusions Altogether, our results show that while substantial heterogeneity exists in the initial hiPS cell population, it is not responsible for the variability observed in differentiated outcomes; instead, factors specifying the various cell types likely act during a window that begins shortly after the seeding of hiPS cells for differentiation.


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