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Behavioural side effects of inhaled corticosteroids among children and adolescents with asthma

Posted on 2022-07-29 - 06:31
Abstract Background Inhalation corticosteroids (ICS) are prescribed for treatment of asthma in approximately 3% of all children in Denmark. Despite limited evidence, case reports suggest that ICS-related behavioural adverse drug events (ADEs) may be frequent. In general, underreporting of ADEs to official databases is common, and little is known about doctor’s clinical experiences with behavioural ADEs when prescribing ICS for children with asthma. The objective was to investigate the extent of behavioural ADEs in children with asthma treated with ICS by comparing database findings to experiences of specialist doctors. Methods First, databases of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the Danish Medicines Agency (DKMA) were searched for reports made by healthcare professionals about behavioural ADEs in children from 2009 to 2018. Second, questionnaire data on behavioural ADEs were collected from eight of the 11 specialist doctors responsible for treating children with asthma at the six paediatric departments in Central Denmark Region and North Denmark Region. Results EMA and DKMA had registered 104 and 3 reports, respectively, on behavioural ADEs during the 10-year study period. In contrast, five of the eight specialist doctors (45.5%) had experienced patients who had developed behavioural changes during ICS treatment. However, none of the five specialist doctors had filed reports on these events to DKMA. Conclusion Behaviour-related ADEs to ICS in children with asthma are likely to be highly underreported in official databases and doctors treating children with ICS should be aware of potential ADEs and consider submitting ADE reports whenever appropriate.


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