Assessment of levels of asthma control among adult patients with asthma at Chitungwiza Central Hospital, Zimbabwe

Published on 2020-02-05T04:48:28Z (GMT) by
Abstract Background The management of the reversible airways obstruction forms the cornerstone of quality asthma management. The aim of this study was to assess the level of control for asthma in adult patients, using a cross sectional study design. The assessment of control for asthma was based on the ACQ. Methods We conducted a cross-sectional study to measure the level of control for asthma among patients with asthma who volunteered and were reporting to Chitungwiza Central Hospital. We interviewed and conducted spirometry (lung function testing) on 400 adult patients with asthma. We used the ACQ questions to interview patients. A trained health care provider performed spirometry using the Koko Legend spirometer after meeting all the ambient conditions as outlined in the American Thoracic Society guidelines. Results Our study assessed levels of asthma control among 400 adult patients with physician-diagnosed asthma. The results showed that 248 (62%) participants had uncontrolled asthma. The median age of the adult patients who had uncontrolled asthma was 35 years (IQR: 27–44). Using the clinical practice cut-point of 0.75 for controlled asthma, only 152 (38%) were controlled, while 72 (18.8%), 50 (12.5%) and 123 (30.7%) were mildly uncontrolled, moderately uncontrolled and very uncontrolled respectively. Among participants who were widowed had uncontrolled asthma (p = 0.003) while most of the married 103 (67.8%) had controlled asthma (p = 0.018). The findings of the study showed that all the items on the ACQ were significantly different in asthma mean scores (p ≤ 0.0001). Conclusion We concluded that most asthma patients that participated in the study were uncontrolled. We therefore, recommend an evaluation of factors associated with poor asthma control in order to improve asthma care and achieve good asthma control outcomes.

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