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MOESM1 of Drug resistant integrase mutants cause aberrant HIV integrations

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posted on 29.09.2016, 05:00 by Janani Varadarajan, Mary McWilliams, Bryan Mott, Craig Thomas, Steven Smith, Stephen Hughes
Additional file 1: Figure S1. Structure of DNAs used to generate the HIV-1 vectors. At the top is a diagram of the DNA used to generate the genomic RNA that is packaged into the viral vector. When the vector infects human cells, a DNA copy of vector genome is inserted into host DNA. This allows the expression of GFP, which is under the control of a CMV promoter. The vector genome also carries an E. coli plasmid origin of replication (Ori) and a zeocin resistance gene that allows circular DNA forms of the vector genome to replicate and be selected in E. coli. The other three DNAs express Gag–Pol, Rev, and VSV-G. Rev is expressed from an RSV promoter; Gag–Pol and VSVG are expressed from CMV promoters. All four DNAs are grown in E. coli as plasmids. The plasmids encode ampicillin resistance (Ampr).


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