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Additional file 6: of Dietary arachidonic acid increases deleterious effects of amyloid-β oligomers on learning abilities and expression of AMPA receptors: putative role of the ACSL4-cPLA2 balance

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posted on 29.08.2017, 05:00 by Mélanie Thomas, Cédric Paris, Mylène Magnien, Julie Colin, Sandra Pelleïeux, Florence Coste, Marie-Christine Escanyé, Thierry Pillot, Jean-Luc Olivier
Modification of cortical AMPA receptors induced by ARA-enriched diet. Immediately after the probe test, mice were killed, and homogenates were prepared from the cortex. Representative immunoblots of cortical GluR1 (a), GluR2 (b), GluR3 (c), and GluR4 (d) from OLE or ARA mice after NaCl or Aβ42 injections are shown. Densitometric analyses were performed to determine signal intensities normalized to β-tubulin. Data are expressed as the percentage of control OLE mice injected with NaCl (* p < 0.05 comparing the four groups of mice). Results are shown as mean ± SEM of immunoblots performed for all animals (OLE groups n = 4, ARA groups n = 6). (PPTX 252 kb)


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