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Additional file 4 of Simultaneous quantification of natural and inducible regulatory T-cell subsets during interferon-β therapy of multiple sclerosis patients

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posted on 2020-04-17, 10:01 authored by Marco Chiarini, Ruggero Capra, Federico Serana, Diego Bertoli, Alessandra Sottini, Viviana Giustini, Cristina Scarpazza, Marco Rovaris, Valentina Torri Clerici, Diana Ferraro, Simonetta Galgani, Claudio Solaro, Marta Zaffira Conti, Andrea Visconti, Luisa Imberti
Additional file 4: Figure S2. The absolute number of total lymphocytes (A), naïve Treg (B), TregCM (C), TregEM (D), CD120b+ nTreg (E), and Tr1 (F) after IFN-β treatment was investigated at T0: before therapy initiation and T6, T12, T18, and T24: after 6, 12, 18, and 24 months of IFN-β, respectively. Estimated means are shown, connected by continuous lines, along with error bars representing the 95% confidence interval. Black lines indicate statistically significant decreases, while red lines indicate statistically significant increases.