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Additional file 3: Figure S1. of Depletion of yeast PDK1 orthologs triggers a stress-like transcriptional response

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posted on 2015-09-21, 05:00 authored by Daniel Pastor-Flores, Jofre Ferrer-Dalmau, Anna Bahí, Martí Boleda, Ricardo Biondi, Antonio Casamayor
Semiquantitative analysis by RT-PCR of mRNA levels of a representative set of genes identified as altered by depletion of Pkh using microarrays analysis. RT-PCR was performed on total RNA isolated from the CML476 (WT) and SDP8 strains grown in YPD in the presence of doxycycline (100 μg/ml) for 8 and 24 h using specific sets of primers (Table 4). The numbers in brackets indicate the fold change (SDP8/WT) detected by microarrays for each gene at 8 and 24 h of incubation with doxycycline. RT-PCR of TUB2 is shown as a control. (PPTX 466 kb)


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