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Additional file 2: of Variation in the ribosome interacting loop of the Sec61α from Giardia lamblia

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posted on 30.09.2015 by Abhishek Sinha, Atrayee Ray, Sandipan Ganguly, Shubhra Ghosh Dastidar, Srimonti Sarkar
Multiple sequence alignment of GlSec61α from G. lamblia Assemblage A isolate WB, Assemblage B isolate GS, Assemblage A2 isolate DH, Assemblage B isolate GS_B and Assemblage E isolate P15 with the two orthologous sequences from S. salmonicida . Downward blue arrow marks the K residue in loop 8/9 of the GlSec61α orthologues, while the upward red arrow marks the R residue in the same loop of Sec61α orthologues from S. salmonicida. (PPTX 197 kb)