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Additional file 2: of Genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic approaches towards understanding the molecular mechanisms of salt tolerance in Frankia strains isolated from Casuarina trees

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posted on 18.08.2017, 05:00 by Rediet Oshone, Mariama Ngom, Feixia Chu, Samira Mansour, Mame Sy, Antony Champion, Louis Tisa
The effect of salt stress on the vesicle formation and nitrogenase activity by salt-tolerant and salt-sensitive Casuarina isolates. Cultures were grown under nitrogen-deficient conditions with various degrees of salt or osmotic stress. Panel (A) shows vesicle production. Panel (B) show nitrogenase activity expressed on a per-vesicle basis. (PPTX 64 kb)


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