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Additional file 2: of Early-life skin microbiota in hospitalized preterm and full-term infants

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posted on 2018-05-31, 05:00 authored by Noelle Younge, Félix Araújo-Pérez, Debra Brandon, Patrick Seed
Figure S1. Contaminant OTUs identified in extraction control samples. A. Relative abundance of bacterial taxa in extraction control samples. B. OTUs with greater than 1% relative abundance in extraction controls. These OTUs were excluded from subsequent analyses as they were presumed to be contaminants, except the highlighted Staphylococcus OTU that was found to be the dominant Staphylococcus OTU in the biological samples. C. Relative abundance of the contaminant OTUs (in aggregate) that were excluded from subsequent analyses within each sample site. The contaminant OTUs contributed to a minority of the total OTU abundance in each of the sample sites. OTU = operational taxonomic unit. (PPTX 264 kb)


Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development