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Additional file 2: Figure S1. of DArT, SNP, and SSR analyses of genetic diversity in Lolium perenne L. using bulk sampling

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posted on 22.01.2018, 05:00 by Siyang Liu, Ulf Feuerstein, Wilbert Luesink, Sabine Schulze, Torben Asp, Bruno Studer, Heiko Becker, Klaus Dehmer
PCo results of Set III using (a) SNP, (b) SSR markers. Figure S2. Results of the STRUCTURE clustering for Set I containing 297 L. perenne accessions based on DArT markers. (a) ΔK plot for differing numbers of subpopulations (K) within the population. (b)-(e) Membership probability of assignment for Set I, subgroup number K = 8 grouped by passport information: (b) Geographical Origin; (c) Ploidy Level; (d) Biological Status; (e) Donor. Figure S3. (a) Number of clusters identified with mclust model with increasing number of PCo based on DArT, SNP and SSR markers; Barplot showing number of accessions in each group identified by PCo-based clustering for (b) DArTs (c) SNPs, (d) SSRs. (PPTX 337 kb)


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