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Additional file 26 of Correlation between anti-malarial and anti-haemozoin activities of anti-malarial compounds

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posted on 2020-08-22, 03:35 authored by Dao Ngoc Hien Tam, Gehad Mohamed Tawfik, Amr Ehab El-Qushayri, Ghaleb Muhammad Mehyar, Sedralmontaha Istanbuly, Sedighe Karimzadeh, Vo Linh Tu, Ranjit Tiwari, Truong Van Dat, Phuong Thuy Viet Nguyen, Kenji Hirayama, Nguyen Tien Huy
Additional file 26: Fig. S25. Correlation between β-haematin inhibition activity (log(BIHA50)) and anti-malarial activity (log(IC50)-) for biquinolines against sensitive strain D6.


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