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Additional file 1: of Planar cell polarity gene expression correlates with tumor cell viability and prognostic outcome in neuroblastoma

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posted on 2016-03-31, 05:00 authored by Cecilia Dyberg, Panagiotis Papachristou, Bjørn Haug, Hugo Lagercrantz, Per Kogner, Thomas Ringstedt, Malin Wickström, John Johnsen
Knockdown of Prickle1 or Vangl2 alters neuroblastoma cell viability. Transfection of neuroblastoma cells using alternative siRNA’s against Prickle1 and Vangl2 resulted in a significant increase of cell viability compared to control cells transfected with scrambled siRNA sequence (48 h) in SK-N-AS. Also in SK-N-BE (2) an increase were recorded after siRNA against Prickle1 (one-way ANOVA with Bonferroni post-test, SK-N-AS: P < 0.0001 control vs Prickle1 P < 0.0001, control vs Vangl2 P < 0.0001; SK-N-BE (2): P = 0.026: control vs Prickle1 P = 0.017). Figure S2: Correlation between expression of Prickle1 and Vangl2 and survival in neuroblastoma. a) Kaplan-Meier survival estimates of high vs low expression of Prickle1 and Vangl2 in neuroblastoma expression cohorts analyzed using the microarray analysis and visualization platform (http://r2.amc.nl). b Box-plot of Prickle1 and Vangl2 expression correlated to neuroblastoma disease stage (PPTX 486 kb)