Additional file 13: Figure S5. of ZLL/AGO10 maintains shoot meristem stem cells during Arabidopsis embryogenesis by down-regulating ARF2-mediated auxin response

Shoot meristem development is partially restored in zll-1 by rev10-d. (A) The severity of shoot meristem defects in zll-1 is alleviated by the gain-of-function mutation rev-10d. (B) Decreased pCLV3:GFP-er expression levels in zll-1 bent-cotyledon and mature embryos are partially suppressed by rev-10d. Genotypes and embryo stages are indicated. Chi-square test was used to calculate p-values. ***p < 0.001. n number of analyzed embryos. Shoot meristem defects: empty apex differentiated stem cell, no organ formation; pin single filamentous structure; 1 L one central leaf; 2 L termination into two leaves; wt wild-type-like. (PPT 162 kb)