MOESM6 of Optimization of incubation conditions of Plasmodium falciparum antibody multiplex assays to measure IgG, IgG1–4, IgM and IgE using standard and customized reference pools for sero-epidemiological and vaccine studies

Additional file 6. Levels of IgG and IgG2-4 to 15 antigens measured in the WHO reference reagent compared to negative control and blanks under three different incubation conditions. Curve plots of the antigen-specific antibody levels measured in serial dilutions of the WHO reference reagent, negative control and blanks at three different incubation conditions: 37 °C 2 h (37 °C 2 h), 4 °C overnight (4 °C ON) and room temperature for 1 h (RT 1 h). “neg” means negative control.