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MOESM6 of Immune responses upon Campylobacter jejuni infection of secondary abiotic mice lacking nucleotide-oligomerization-domain-2

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posted on 06.06.2017, 05:00 by Stefan Bereswill, Ursula Grundmann, Marie Alutis, André Fischer, Anja Kühl, Markus Heimesaat
Additional file 6: Figure S6. Colonic regulatory T cells in C. jejuni infected secondary abiotic Nod2−/− mice. Secondary abiotic wildtype (WT, upper panel) and Nod2−/− mice (lower panel) were generated by broad-spectrum antibiotic treatment and perorally infected with C. jejuni strain 81-176 by gavage at day (d) 0 and d1. Photomicrographs representative for four independent experiments (x400 magnification, scale bar 20 μm) depict colonic FOXP3 positive regulatory T cells at day 7 following C. jejuni infection (d7, right panel) applying in situ immunohistochemistry of colonic paraffin sections. Naive secondary abiotic mice (left panel) served as uninfected controls.


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