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MOESM5 of The VENUSS prognostic model to predict disease recurrence following surgery for non-metastatic papillary renal cell carcinoma: development and evaluation using the ASSURE prospective clinical trial cohort

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posted on 03.10.2019, 04:53 by Tobias Klatte, Kevin Gallagher, Luca Afferi, Alessandro Volpe, Nils Kroeger, Silvia Ribback, Alan McNeill, Antony Riddick, James Armitage, Tevita ‘Aho, Tim Eisen, Kate Fife, Axel Bex, Allan Pantuck, Grant Stewart
Additional file 5: Figure S5. Calibration and decision curve analysis of the VENUSS score, VENUSS group, UISS, TNM and Leibovich group in the ASSURE dataset.