MOESM2 of Optimization of incubation conditions of Plasmodium falciparum antibody multiplex assays to measure IgG, IgG1–4, IgM and IgE using standard and customized reference pools for sero-epidemiological and vaccine studies

Additional file 2. Comparison of the WHO reference reagent, IgM pool and RTS,S samples responses to the 40-antigen multiplex panel incubating at 4 °C ON. IgG, IgG1–4 subclasses, IgM and IgE were measured in the respective pools and samples. The plots represent the levels of antibodies measured in serial dilutions of the positive pools (1:3 starting at 1:50 for IgG, IgG1–4 and IgM; and 1:2 starting at 1:10 for IgE), and the RTS,S samples (1:10 starting at 1:500 for IgG, 1:100 for IgM, 1:50 for IgG1–4; and 1:2 starting at 1:10 for IgE). Data on IgG3 and IgE levels measured in RTS,S vaccinees were not available. Isolated dots represent the levels measured in the technical blanks.