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MOESM2 of Genome-wide identification and characterization of the ALOG gene family in Petunia

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posted on 31.12.2019 by Feng Chen, Qin Zhou, Lan Wu, Fei Li, Baojun Liu, Shuting Zhang, Jiaqi Zhang, Manzhu Bao, Guofeng Liu
Additional file 2. PiLSH genes in the P. inflata genome. a Sequence ID related to the database from https://solgenomics.net/organism/Petunia_axillaris/genome (v1.0.1) [26]. b The transcripts were identified by nucleotide BLAST search of the TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly) database of P. integrifolia (GBRV) and P. integrifolia Subsp. inflata (GBDS) in the NCBI [33]. ‘/’ indicates no orthologous transcript was identified.


National Natural Science Foundation of China