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MOESM1 of cis-regulatory variation modulates susceptibility to enteric infection in the Drosophila genetic reference panel

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posted on 17.01.2020 by Michael Frochaux, Maroun Bou Sleiman, Vincent Gardeux, Riccardo Dainese, Brian Hollis, Maria Litovchenko, Virginie Braman, Tommaso Andreani, Dani Osman, Bart Deplancke
Additional file 1: Figure S1. Reproducibility of line-specific transcriptomes. Figure S2. Analysis of several ntc mutants. Figure S3. Relationship between minor allele frequency and condition-specific local-eQTLs. Figure S4. Quality control of BRB-seq libraries. Figure S5. Comparison between TruSeq and BRB-seq libraries. Figure S6. Comparison of measured local-eQTL effect size and cis-eQTL effect size. Figure S7. MITOMI analysis of distinct TFs associated with the ntc locus.