MOESM1 of Tectonic evolution of northwestern Imbrium of the Moon that lasted in the Copernican Period

Additional file 1. Examples of small ruptured craters by thrusts. a There is a bulge on the floor of the crater at 38.87°N, 14°W (LROC NAC image M1129574084RC). Thrusts deformed craters at b 46.26°N, 24.95°W ( LROC NAC image M1167318888LC), c 42.62°N, 18.81°W (LROC NAC image M190731211LC), d 38.60°N, 29.62°W (LROC NAC image M150715327LC), e 40.42°N, 15.27°W (LROC NAC image M114056610LC) and f 47.89°N, 15.65°W (LROC NAC image M1149624430RC).