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Additional file 9 of Cis-regulatory analysis of Onecut1 expression in fate-restricted retinal progenitor cells

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posted on 20.03.2020 by Sruti Patoori, Nathalie Jean-Charles, Ariana Gopal, Sacha Sulaiman, Sneha Gopal, Brian Wang, Benjamin Souferi, Mark M. Emerson
Additional File 9. Candidate bHLH factors are not sufficient to induce ectopic ThrbCRM1 activity in the mouse postnatal retina. P0 mice retinae were electroporated with CAG::Bgal (magenta), ThrbCRM1::GFP (green) and the five candidate bHLH factors under the control of CAG. An empty CAG plasmid served as the negative control and CAG::OC1 as a positive control. Retinae were cultured for two days prior to harvest and staining with Bgal, GFP and DAPI.


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