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Additional file 8: of RNA-Sequencing for profiling goat milk transcriptome in colostrum and mature milk

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posted on 2016-11-25, 05:00 authored by Alessandra CrisĂ, Fabrizio Ferrè, Giovanni Chillemi, Bianca Moioli
Network view of the up-regulated gene list in D1. In this view the network nodes are proteins and the edges represent the predicted functional associations. The edges are draw according to the view settings. In evidence mode, an edge may be drawn with up to 7 differently colored lines that represent the existence of the seven types of evidence used in predicting the associations. The fusion view shows the individual gene fusion events per species; the neighborhood view shows runs of genes that occur repeatedly in close neighborhood in (prokaryotic) genomes; the occurrence view shows the presence or absence of linked proteins across species; the experiments view shows a list of significant protein interaction datasets, gathered from other protein-protein interaction databases; the text mining view shows a list of significant protein interaction groups, extracted from the abstracts of scientific literature; the database view shows a list of significant protein interaction groups, gathered from curated databases; the coexpression view shows the genes that are co-expressed in the same or in other species (transferred by homology). (PDF 4384 kb)


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