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Additional file 8: of Hypoxia-induced Slug SUMOylation enhances lung cancer metastasis

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posted on 06.01.2019, 05:00 by Pei-Fang Hung, Tse-Ming Hong, Che-Chang Chang, Chung-Lieh Hung, Yuan-Ling Hsu, Yih-Leong Chang, Chen-Tu Wu, Gee-Chen Chang, Nei-Li Chan, Sung-Liang Yu, Pan-Chyr Yang, Szu-Hua Pan
Figure S8. HDAC1 stronger associated with the E-cadherin promoter in Hop62 cells overexpressing Ubc9 compare with the vector control cells. The normal mouse IgG and HDAC1 antibodies were used to pull down protein-DNA complexes in Hop62 cells with or without Ubc9 overexpression; and the E-cadherin promoter level in the samples was determined by PCR using a gene-specific primer set. Input, an aliquot of each sample was prepared and used as a template for PCR to examine the level of the E-cadherin promoter before immunoprecipitation (IP). (PDF 25 kb)


Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan