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Additional file 7 of Receptor deorphanization in an echinoderm reveals kisspeptin evolution and relationship with SALMFamide neuropeptides

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posted on 2022-08-25, 07:11 authored by Nayeli Escudero Castelán, Dean C. Semmens, Luis Alfonso Yañez Guerra, Meet Zandawala, Mario dos Reis, Susan E. Slade, James H. Scrivens, Cleidiane G. Zampronio, Alexandra M. Jones, Olivier Mirabeau, Maurice R. Elphick
Additional file 7. CLuster Analysis of Sequences (CLANS) of receptors identified by BLAST analysis of bilaterian proteomes using human and S. purpuratus kisspeptin-type receptors as queries. BLOSUM62 cluster map shows kisspeptin-type receptors, the closely related galanin/allatostatin-A-type receptors, and other neuropeptide receptor families: allatotropin/orexin, neuropeptide Y, tachykinin, somatostatin/allatostatin-C, CCHamide/gastrin-releasing peptide. Nodes are labelled with taxon-specific shapes and colors, as shown in the key. Connections represent BLAST relationships with a P value > 1e-40. All family names of receptors are labelled in the figure. The accession numbers for the receptors shown in this figure are provided in additional file 2.


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