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Additional file 7: Table S2. of Screening and characterization of novel specific peptides targeting MDA-MB-231 claudin-low breast carcinoma by computer-aided phage display methodologies

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posted on 14.11.2016, 05:00 authored by Franklin Nobrega, Débora Ferreira, Ivone Martins, Maria Suarez-Diez, Joana Azeredo, Leon Kluskens, Lígia Rodrigues
Data from docking analysis with the selected 7-mer and 12-mer phage display peptides against breast cancer biomarkers retrieved from the literature: lowest energy weighted score (E), cluster members (CM) and type of interaction (I). Biomarkers present in MDA-MB-231 cells and best model scores are given in bold. (DOCX 41 kb)


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