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Additional file 7: Table S2. of Extending colonic mucosal microbiome analysis—assessment of colonic lavage as a proxy for endoscopic colonic biopsies

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posted on 25.11.2016, 05:00 by Euan Watt, Matthew Gemmell, Susan Berry, Mark Glaire, Freda Farquharson, Petra Louis, Graeme Murray, Emad El-Omar, Georgina Hold
LEfSe results for OTUs with an LDA greater than two (effect size) and a significant p value (>0.05). Two classes were compared, biopsy samples and colonic lavage samples from the study cohort. Class refers to the sample type with the highest OTU abundance as detected by LEfSe. The LogMax mean is the log of the highest class average. (DOC 48 kb)